Microsoft Dynamics Annual Training Subscription

GEMS Academy introduces our Microsoft Dynamics Annual Training Subscription platform that allows our clients subscribe for ERP training for a particular number of days within the year and at an agreed annual premium. This platform is designed for ERP and HR managers who want to maximize their annual training budget while achieving their annual training plan on their business solution.

How it works

The Microsoft Dynamics annual training subscription provides three levels of training allotments which indicate the number of training days available for subscription within the year. Our clients can therefore decide on which allotment meets their requirement after considering their training budget and ERP needs.

A 10 9 N1,000,000
B 15 12 N1,500,000
C 25 15 N2,000,000
D 35 18 N2,500,000

This means that if you subscribe for allotment A, you will be entitled to;

  • 15 days of on-premise training. We will provide a facilitator who will deliver the training at your venue for your convenience and you can have as much as 15 people in a class but not more.
  • 12 man-days which entitles you to send a maximum of 4 participants for a 3-day training at our venue and it shall be a product of the duration of the training.
  • In other words, if you send 2 participants to our venue for a 3-day training, then you would have utilized 6 man-days (2x3).


  • Using the illustration above, cost saved on allotment A is N1,150,000
  • Clients covered under our support SLA also get an addition 15% off any allotment chosen.

For flexibility purposes, we have made it possible for you to convert your “on-premise days” to “Man-days” and vice versa. This is to accommodate organizations who have completely used up their man-days but still have on-premise allotment which they want converted to man-days; 1 on-premise day = 5 man-days

Once an allotment is fully utilized, you will have to purchase another allotment. However, unused allotments cannot be rolled over to the next year and so must be utilized before it expires or be forfeited.


  • Our clients who are currently on our annual support agreement get 15% discount off any allotment chosen.
  • This service is cheaper as you get to train more delegates for less
  • You have the convenience of having the training delivered at your venue
  • Through your allotted man-days, your delegates can attend our public program
  • It creates the flexibility for you to choose an allotment  that suits your training budget
  • You can build internal technical competence (developers) to be able to manage your system
  • New employees can be trained under this platform
  • You can train your employees towards certification and get exam vouchers at affordable costs
  • For clients using both Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, you can access training for both solutions
  • It eliminates the cycle of having to get management approval for every training


Scope of Training

The Microsoft Dynamics annual training subscription covers;

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM
  • Technical and Functional Training
  • Developers Training
  • All trainings as scheduled on our Calendar

Conditions of Service

  • Annual premium must be paid in full for the training allotment to be activated. Your annual training year begins once the annual premium has been paid and ends 365 days afterward.
  • Client shall request for a facilitator when the training is to be delivered at their premises. However, for locations outside Lagos, client shall be responsible for the logistics and transportation cost of the facilitator provided. At least two weeks’ notice must be given when requesting for a facilitator or when sending delegates for our open program
  • All programs requested must be the standard duration of GEMS Academy programs and shall not be compressed or extended.