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Fan Milk Ghana:
Gems Consulting helps African frozen dairy product company gain a 360-degree view of its business

Fan Milk Ghana is a subsidiary of Fan Milk International, a market leader in frozen dairy products industry in west Africa. With its head office in Accra, the company has five major distribution centres across Ghana.

Fan Milk Ghana was Buoyed by the desire to automate its business processes with appropriate control measures. Gems Consulting delivered an enterprise resource planning (ERP)-led business transformation programme for Fan Milk Ghana and deployed the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Role Tailored Client version solution. The solution enabled staff at the company’s five distribution centres across Ghana to access data in real time and gain insight into its business processes.

Before the solution’s implementation, Fan Milk Ghana found it was unable to ascertain stock balances in real time across the various distribution centres. Islands of data for various units were not integrated into a single platform, and there were varying levels of product quality and traceability.

A poor supply chain management tracking system led to high operational costs and the company often found inaccuracy with its distribution and sales processing.

There was also a distinct lack of available real time business intelligence and key reports, which could help speed up the business decision-making process.

Gems Consulting implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, which delivered a series of benefits and positive results that aligned with Fan Milk Ghana’s business strategy.

The solution and server deployments took place at the company’s head office after a thorough review of the business process and infrastructure analysis. All other distribution centres were connected to the head office. The actual services rendered included the installation and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 role tailored on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. The solution was tailored to the functional requirements of Fan Milk, and the solution was tailored to a redefined operational model the company had adopted.

Gems Consulting also delivered training to different categories of users across the five distribution centres.

The enterprise-wide ERP deployment was completed to time and budget and in the most cost effective and well-structured methodology to guarantee high return on investment

Access to centralised information provides easy access to inventory balances across the various centres, which has enabled planning unit to accurately forecast demand and make reliable promises to customers. Goods and products can be tracked by certifying them before they are delivered to the warehouse from the production floor.

The business risk associated with manual intervention of financial data has been minimised, and the company can gain a 360-degree visualisation of the entire business.

A structured system architecture also allows integration for mobility for field representatives and a robust customer relationship management (CRM). Staff can also access relevant business reporting and business intelligence to support decision-making.

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