About Us

Gems Consulting

dynamics3Gems as a word, is not an acronym but it connotes people shinning. Gems Consulting Company is a management Information System firm with hybrid of skilled professionals, registered in Lagos, Nigeria and Ghana. Gems commenced operations since July 1991 and have grown to be recognized as one of the top Microsoft Partners in West Africa.

 Industry Experts

Gems Consulting Company is a consultancy firm serving customers within the West and Central Africa (WECA) region. We are experts in the retail, food, manufacturing, public sector, aviation, shipping, telecommunication, oil and gas, port and many more industries, knowing about these industries’ processes, needs and wants in-depth, and our success is solely based on our ability to convert our knowledge into value for our customers.

Best Practice

it-consultingWhile its’ focus is on the objective of delivering solutions that will assist clients meet their business needs, its early operations focused on helping small and medium-sized companies develop management techniques and skills that would ensure growth and profitability. By continually improving and raising the bar, Gems has evolved into a versatile Management and Technology services organisation, developing original integrated solutions that give our clients competitive edge.

Our experience over the past two decades, together with our commitment to quality and perpetual innovations have assisted us in offering the best of tools, capabilities and techniques.

Our Clients benefit from our consultants’ varied skills through our sure-step implementation methodology approach to assignment execution. We also ensure we empower clients with the knowledge and skills to continually improve, long after we are gone.

Our methodology

Our methodologies are designed to ensure that the best services are provided to our clients and our solutions are practicable and lasting. Assignments are carried out most thoroughly and comprehensively and in a very professional manner.

Our services are wholly clients’ oriented and In a broad sense, we operate a 5-scale methodology which covers:

  • Problem Identification
  • Solution deployment
  • Solution Monitoring
  • Periodic Evaluation
  • Feedback

Our Core Values


We shall always keep our promises. We shall not be involved in any shady practice for any ill-gotten gains, monetary or otherwise


The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you want them to do to you..” will be applicable in everything we do to everybody


We shall undertake every assignment with UTMOST DISCIPLINE using BEST PRACTICES always having at the back of our minds that getting to and staying at the TOP demands nothing less


In all our interactions (amongst ourselves, with our clients or suppliers) we do not look down on anyone neither do we consider ourselves superior to any other person

Our Commitments


We play a key role in our client strategic development. At Gems, we are interested in filling identified gaps by providing and implementing business solution for improved client performance


All consultants and employees of Gems Consulting have a concrete knowledge of business and industry specificities


Our firm structure allows for an active consideration of your specific needs


All information transmitted by our client is respected as strictly confidential